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Expand your brand footprint inside and outside of your store to drive results, while reducing your cost and time spent

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Dippy changes the game for brand engagement

Dippy is a text message and mobile web platform that drives app downloads, loyalty program sign-ups, actionable feedback surveys, mobile promotions, and more to each brand’s customer base

More App Downloads.

Dippy automated reminder and incentive messages drive app download conversions. Decrease your “abandoned carts” and app download acquisition cost ten-fold. Schedule a demo to see how our technology works to get your brand more app downloads- and more loyal customers!

Better Feedback.

With a click of a button within our text message, your customers can instantly begin your brand’s feedback survey- no long website URLs or codes to type in to access a survey! Dippy can text each customer unique messages based off responses- and automatically text rewards upon completion. See how Dippy gets your brand better responses.

Smarter Promotions.

Dippy smart promotions feature single-use deals with a redemption rate 10x the industry average! Our trackable referral technology allows your customers to share promotions with friends to earn a better discount. See how to use Dippy smart promotions to increase catering & delivery orders, feedback responses, and more. No more discounting for discounting sake!

Automations that matter.

Dippy technology knows when and how to remind your customers to complete the actions you want. Let Dippy automatically do the work to engage your customers on the medium they desire.


Dippy brought me new business the first day I signed up. I had no idea how many marketing opportunities I was missing by not incentivizing my existing customers to spread the word. I love their kiosk and I've already recommended Dippy to other franchise owners in my network.
Hoke Poke
Dippy has been amazing at getting me new business and having my existing customers come back more often. I’d recommend Dippy to anyone that doesn’t have an existing loyalty platform or simply just wants more customers.
Kevin Long
My existing loyalty system is great for retaining existing customers, but doesn’t help me get new ones. That’s where Dippy comes in. Their sharing feature is top notch and a perfect extension to my current marketing. I set the promotions and they do the work to get new customers into my stores.
Billy Salter


$0 forever
100 subscriber sign-ups
1 Single-use first time promotion
1 Customized, Branded, promotion sign up page
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➕Plus starting at
200 subscriber sign-ups
1 Single-use first-time promotion
1 Follow-up promotion
1 Referral Reward
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💼 Pro starting at
300 subscriber sign-ups
Unlimited Single-use first-time promotions
Unlimited Follow-up promotions
Unlimited Referral Rewards
1 Tablet & Kiosk
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🏢 Enterprise
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Everything included in Free, Plus & Pro:
🗣️Customized Feedback Surveys
📱Incentivized App Downloads
🍽️Catering Lead Generation
🔨Customized Tablet App Builder
📈Franchise level reporting
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*Price does not include additional taxes, fees, and surcharges. To learn more, please contact our sales team.

Frequently asked questions

How does Dippy get me new customers?

All a customer has to do is type in their phone number on one of your customized & branded sign up web pages from Dippy or on in-store on one of our engagement kiosks. You can display your sign up web pages on your social media accounts, printed marketing materials such as flyers and table tents, and more. We can create multiple sign up webpages for your business so you can track the effectiveness of getting new subscriber sign ups on your various marketing channels and methods. Of course, we’ll display you on our landing page absolutely free!

Can I customize the promotions that my customers receive?

Your promotions through Dippy may be edited at any time however all promotions that have yet to expire must be honored to your subscribers that have already received that promotion.

Can I message my subscribers whenever I want?

Dippy controls the engagement and message content to optimize results for your business, while providing privacy, safety, and consistency to your subscribers. We work with each business to find the best ways to get the results that they are looking for

.If you want to do regular custom messages and announcements to your subscriber base, this would fall under our enterprise plan. Reach out to your Dippy account manager, or click “Get Started” under the enterprise plan to learn more.

Do I need to train my staff on how the platform works?

Dippy requires minimal staff training, and we provide training materials specifically for your business’s engagement needs. Custom training materials, webinars, and on-site visits are also possible under our enterprise plan.

How do I set up the Dippy tablet kiosk?

Dippy engagement kiosks are out-of-the-box and require very little setup; connect them to your WiFi and a power source, and you’re good to go! We ship them directly to your business with set-up instructions as well. If you do not have a reliable WiFi connection for an added fee Dippy’s engagement kiosks can work off of a cellular connection.

How do you protect the privacy of my subscribers?

Dippy is committed to building the trust and confidence of both clients and subscribers, by promoting and complying with the use of business practices that help protect the privacy of customers and their data. We have implemented measures designed to secure your personal information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration, and disclosure. For more information you can view a copy of our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

How can I learn more about Dippy?

Feel free to email us anytime at or schedule a demo here, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

How do I start?

Click “Get Started” on any of the above pricing categories. Don’t worry - we won’t charge you until you’re fully set up and good to go!